The majority of nutrition experts promote conflicting advice.
This results in women feeling confused about what to eat, and
how to have a happy, healthy relationship with food.

sound familiar?

I was confused too. After compIeting my degree in nutrition, I was left worried that I didn't know enough to really help clients. With so much conflicting information and advice out in the nutrition world, and with it changing from one month to the next (remember when eggs were bad for you, but now they aren't? Or the overwhelming choice of diets to follow - is Paleo better, is Keto better?.....)  No wonder I felt overwhelmed - and a lot of you reading this probably are too! 

Now, after completing further studies, I am confident in my ability to personalise coaching to the individual. Our genetic makeup, intolerances, preferences, cultural practices, family units, work environments and life stressors are all unique and individual, and this is also why a one size fits all health and wellbeing approach does not work. 

All of these individual components need to be considered when working with a client, and for me personally, this powerful knowledge helped me turn my own health around.    

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and on kickstarting my metabolism with a high fat and protein smoothie.

I have also learned to trust and listen to my body, instead of punishing it.  I now feel empowered as I have the tools to use and the understanding of my own mind, body and emotional health.  I now know how to support myself to reach the goals I aspire to.   

- a.B 

I'm really excited to start my journey with Emma and change my lifestyle to become the best me!  My first consult today was really comfortable, informative and professional. I'm looking forward to the next steps on working towards my goals.

I'm looking forward to the next steps on working towards my goals.

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